Welcome to ArmKnitting.Com!

We provide arm knitting tutorials through video and pictures!

Arm Knitting is the quickest way to knit chunky style scarves, blankets, etc. You can have a scarf finished in 30 minutes or less! Now that’s fast knitting.

Here’s a couple of awesome tutorials from Maggie, over at www.simplymaggie.com

Enjoy the tutorials and be sure to check back soon for more great arm knitting ideas and videos!

Thanks for stopping by!

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19 thoughts on “Welcome to ArmKnitting.Com!

  1. Hi there, I´m really interested in this technique. I just discover Andrea Brena´s designs and they are awesome. I cant wait to try this. I hope you can put some tutorials soon ;) .

  2. This is the most fantastic thing I have seen in a long time. You’re toutorial is perfect and simple to understand.



  3. Thanks for posting the video! One question though. I finally got the casting down and I’m attempting to start knitting now but it seems to be too loose. After I have transferred all of the stitches to my left hand I’m left with some yarn slack. Any tips on how to tighten them? Thank you!

  4. I’ve tried this method and have fell in love with it. The scarf at the very top, what kind of yarn is that and where can I get it from?

    • That’s great! If you’re referring to the green scarf it is Premier Yarns Couture Jazz Yarn. I bought mine at AC Moore but it is on Amazon.com as well.

    • Hello. I buy 2 skeins and use about 3/4 of each one. The scarf length is all personal preference. Mine wraps around twice loosely.

  5. Hi,

    Just watched your arm knitting videos and was surprise to hear your great dane’s name. I have a Remy too. Although she is a nine pound toy poodle.

  6. I just heard about arm knitting today 1/27/2014 and came home and googled this. Oh what fun this looks like. Can’t wait to try. I will watch some more of the tutorials and take some notes and try.

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